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About Us

'International Quality,


Local Price'


'International quality, local price' 

Speak to any Kenyan business and their ambition  knows no bounds. With the right tools in place we are sure than Kenyan business will be able to fly our flag on an international stage. 

Nyati was designed with one purpose in mind. To bring international quality machinery to Kenyans at a price that would allow businesses to thrive. 

Today businesses need to react quickly to increased international demand and for those who want to get to job done efficiently and effectively they know an investment in machinery is the key to their growth. 

Traditionally the choice would be to settle for sub optimal components to ensure purchases remain within budgets, but with Nyati you can have the best machines at a price you can afford. 

As many of you will be asking, how can Nyati do this? Well the answer is simple, we cut out the middlemen ensuring that you are paying for quality machines and nothing else. 

We love Kenya's amazing geography but we also know that the very ground we work on is also hard on machines, Nyati machines were built for Kenya, from filters designed to capture fine dust to reinforced floors capable of tackling the biggest rocks. These machines are built to last and with class leading warranties you can be sure that your Nyati will work as hard as you do.


Nyati can offer competitive finance options in a variety of configurations, helping your balance sheet as well as your business. Please call to discuss your requirements 

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